miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Talgo, the best spanish technology for trains

Maybe you have not heard about it, but if you take some time reading this short introduction and more in Talgo official webpage , http://www.talgo.com/htm/English/English.htm you will be surprised by the achievements of spanish engineering,

"On August the 21st 1941, a Spanish engineer, Alejandro Goicoechea, successfully carried out tests on a singular solution for railway vehicle axle guidance. This was a new wheel structure, constructed from a framework of modules formed by isosceles triangle shapes, the wheels being mounted on the bases and linked together so that the axles were naturally guided along the track, avoiding direct wheel friction on the outer rail of curves. This wheel structure designed by Goicoechea reached 75 kilometres per hour between Leganés and Villaverde (Spain).
Shortly afterwards, on the 28th of October 1942, Talgo Patents S.A. was established. Its objective was industrial and commercial development of this new system, one of the most innovative railway concepts in history.Nearly 60 years have passed since that great initial venture. Six decades during which the rate of innovation has been maintained and enabled Talgo to remain at the forefront of the railway technology producing Spain's most prestigious industrial product.Various decades in which attention to the service of Talgo users has resulted in trains with high levels of availability, reliability and safety."

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